Is taking the Abortion Pill the right decision for me? 

You might be considering taking the Abortion Pill because it seems like a quick and easy solution for an unplanned pregnancy. However, there are major health risks involved because it is a serious medical procedure and, for many reasons, needs to be done under the care of a licensed medical provider. 

You will first want to confirm your pregnancy with testing and an ultrasound to know the options available to you so that you can make a confident, informed choice.  We are here to offer you free, confidential pregnancy services and support. There are many resources available to help you during this time in your life. 

You are not alone!  

Is it risky to my health to take Abortion Pills I ordered online? 

Yes. Medication abortion terminates a pregnancy by usually using 2 drugs:  Mifepristone and Misoprostol. These drugs pose serious health risks including: 

  • Incomplete abortion which might lead to surgical abortion 

  • Ongoing pregnancy if procedure does not work 

  • Heavy and prolonged bleeding 

  • Infection with no immediate access to antibiotics.  An infection might start with symptoms like high fever and pain, but it can progress to sepsis, which has been linked to major illness and even death after a medication abortion 1 

  • Infection complications can also lead to future fertility problems.   

  • Fever 

According to the FDA, it is important to know that medication abortion is only recommended for women up to 10 weeks pregnant. 2 An ultrasound is necessary to confirm how far along you are before deciding on abortion. 

Do I need to have a physical examination before safely taking the Abortion Pill? 

Yes. Only a licensed medical provider can examine you and check for physical issues that would prevent you from safely taking a medication3 Certain circumstances can make a medication abortion unsafe including: 

  • Ectopic (tubal) pregnancy 

  • Allergies 

  • Adrenal failure 

  • Porphyria 

  • Bleeding disorders 

There are many other unsafe conditions; only a few are listed here. 

Do I need an ultrasound before taking Abortion Pills? 

Yes. It will determine the following information: 

  • How far along you are – medication abortion could be very dangerous for you if your pregnancy is further along than you think. This could result in retained fetal tissue and infection and the possibility of a ruptured uterus. 4 

  • Whether or not your pregnancy is located in the uterus – it is important to rule out a possible ectopic pregnancy; if your pregnancy is tubal, you would need immediate medical treatment. 5

  • Whether or not your pregnancy is viable.  Some pregnancies end in miscarriage; in that case an abortion would be unnecessary 


Do I need to see a licensed medical provider before taking the Abortion Pill? 

Yes. Before taking the Abortion Pill, it is extremely important that you see a licensed medical provider in person, who can prevent or diagnose some complications that may occur. 6 Your medical history is important. 

A licensed medical provider will go over your medical history with you. This will help rule out conditions that might make medication abortion dangerous specifically to you. You need to make sure your current or former medications will not interact dangerously with medications used for abortion.

The abortion medications can even react badly with certain foods. Other situations need to be discussed with a provider that might make medication abortion dangerous.  One example is if you use IUD (intrauterine device) for contraception you should not take the Abortion Pill.


If I order the Abortion Pill online do I have assurance that I will receive quality medication? 

No. Ordering the Abortion Pill online comes with the risk of not knowing for sure what you will receive. 

Before taking any medication, you should know it has been approved by the FDA.   

What if I have already taken the Abortion Pill and I regret it? 

It’s not too late. If you already took one or more of the Abortion Pills, go to Abortion Pill Reversal immediately.

This may give you a chance to still have a healthy pregnancy and baby. The earlier you begin reversal treatment, the more likely it is to be effective.